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GAME ON for Stud Game Breeders® as 25 SA records tumble

Arguably South Africa’s best known rare game species breeder, Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa became a first time seller at the 9th annual Stud Game Breeders auction, hosted by Vleissentraal Bosveld in Bela Bela on the 6th of September. In his opening remarks, Ramaphosa jokingly referred to an incident 3 years ago when he was in jest referred to by other breeders of rare game species as an “armgat”. However, with a turnover of more than R230 million and 21 SA records smashed, it quickly became evident that this auction was no place for “armgatte”. Stud Game Breeders Dinaka, Lumarie, Nyumbu, Phala Phala, Shelanti & Tembani put forward a catalogue of exceptional quality and genetic splendour.

From the stud of Phala Phala owned by Honourable Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa and first time on auction ever in the world, was a perky eight (8) month old White Flanked Impala ram that fetched an unprecedented price of R9.7 million. In a similar vein, Lot number 2 and 3 offered 2 more White Flanked Impala rams which sold for R8.2 million respectively. Moreover, 15 common Impala ewes impregnated by White Flanked Impala rams sold for R27.2 million. The forgoing antelope - all put on auction by Phala Phala - were purchased individually and collectively by Mr Peter Bellingham from Tambotie Floodplains.

Manifestly, South African records stumbled as many bids were closed at more than double the price set at previous records. In this regard Lot 67 offered a Egoli Gnu Split ewe that was sold for R430 000, almost double the price of R 240 000 paid previously for this species. Consonantly, Lot 75 offering a Midnight Impala ram opened the floor for vigorous bidding and was finally closed in favour of Woody Cape Wildlife for a staggering R2 million, almost three times more than the previous record of R750 000 paid for this species. With a vested interest in the best bloodlines on offer, Woody Cape Wildlife continued on their quest, outbidding various contestants and acquiring amongst others numerous Black and Saddle Back Impalas and Buffalo. The highest bid fetched on the day for a Buffalo at R 8.1 million - and again almost three times more than the previous record of R3.4 million - was also paid by Woody Cape Wildlife for a pregnant East African Buffalo heifer.

These conclusive bids indicate without a doubt that the rare game species breeding industry is currently the most dynamic industry in the agricultural sector of SA.

In conclusion, this was certainly one of the most successful auctions of rare game species with the 2nd highest total turnover ever recorded in South Africa. According to Richard Morton of Tembani, the aim of Stud Game Breeders® is to supply exceptional animals in the best condition to buyers. “Our vision is to continually seek out and improve the genetic material in our quest to reproduce quality stock that has been eliminated through excessive hunting, disease and habitat loss. Stud Game Breeders® goal is to breed animals in line with the record specimens that were recorded in the early 1900's. The participating members of Stud Game Breeders® in their relentless pursuit of this ethos can rightfully be proud of their foregoing achievements.

The table below details lots and animals that achieved new SA Records.

Lot # # of Animals # of Calves Description Price paid per Animal
1 1   White Flanked Impala Ram R9,700,000
4 5   Common Impala impregnated by White Flanked Impala Ram R1,250,000
8A 1   Matetsi Sable Pregnant Cow R4,000,000
8B 1 1 Matetsi Sable Cow with Bull Calf R1,300,000
20A 1   Saddle Back Young Impala Ewe R1,200,000
22A 1   Zambian Sable Pregnant Cow R2,000,000
41 1   Zambian Sable Heifer R3,000,000
44 1 1 Zambian Sable Cow with Bull Calf R5,100,000
55 2   Egoli Gnu Heifer R 875,000
56 5   Golden Gnu Split Heifers R 260,000
56B 1   King Gnu Split Pregnant Heifer from King Bull R 900,000
67 2   Egoli Gnu Split Cow R 430,000
70 4   Heartwater Springbok Ewes impregnated by Coffee Springbok Ram R 330,000
75 1   Midnight Impala Ram R2,000,000
76 2   Midnight Impala Pregnant Ewe R 850,000
86 3   Midnight Impala Family group R 380,000
91 6   Midnight Split Impalas pregnant to Midnight Breeding Ram R 260,000
92 8   Midnight Impala Split Ewe impregnated by Midnight Impala Ram R 340,000
94 2   Midnight Impala Split Ewe impregnated by Saddleback Impala Ram R 720,000
95 2   Young Adult Pregnant Kudu Cows R 200,000
116 2 2 Roan Antelope Pregnant Cow with Calf R1,500,000
120 2   Roan Antelope Heifers (young) R 850,000
124 1   Golden Oryx Pregnant Ewe R1,500,000
132 1   Pregnant X East African/ Addo Buffalo Heifer R3,000,000
135 1   East African Pregnant Buffalo Heifer R8,100,000

For any questions related to the lots on offer, please contact Neil Swart at Vleissentraal Bosveld on 082 554 3070 or e-mail

Press release prepared by Essential Marketing on behalf of Stud Game Breeders® and Vleissentraal Bosveld. For further information or graphic material, kindly contact Engeline Gericke on (014)7364653 during office hours.